Pushing Through It: Writing With Chronic Pain

I have been struggling with pain for years. Dealing with being forgetful and blaming it all on, “I’m getting older.” I don’t think you can use that excuse at 36. I’m usually the type of person who keeps their struggles to themselves, but I’ve recently discovered that sometimes sharing your experiences can help other people … More Pushing Through It: Writing With Chronic Pain


I’ve been a busy bee. I feel like I did more in the last year than I’ve done in my entire life. (Which is kind of sad when I think about it). That either makes me one lazy individual or I’ve been hustling like a pro. In other news…


The room was dark and Kelly laid in bed waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She rolled over again trying not to disturb her husband, Chris. 3:14 in the morning, this has got to be a new record for insomniacs. For the past three weeks, she awakened at the same time, some nights were easier … More Creature